Employee Process

In business, people are the greatest asset. Behind every great vision, great brand and great service are the numerous individuals who deliver on the promise. Grandeur New York is dedicated to providing the human resources support that helps businesses achieve their vision. We have a distinct employee process that separates us from the rest of the hospitality staffing industry. All job applicants go through a rigorous screening, testing and training process. Personal and job references are thoroughly checked. Our strict testing, screening and training procedures ensure you are receiving the highest quality candidates available.

  • Advertising

    Grandeur New York’s effective employee advertising campaigns is one of our secrets to hiring qualified hospitality industry professionals. We target specific groups of people based on categories that have been proven throughout the years to produce the best possible hospitality industry employee.

  • Recruitment

    The recruiting and selection process is critical to the on-going effectiveness of Grandeur New York. One of your primary sources of candidates comes to us from many of our reliable hospitality industry employees. Our resources give us the ability to recruit quality candidates, despite major labor and skill shortages that have challenged the hospitality industry nationwide. Not only do we have the ability to recruit quality candidates, our organizational culture gives us the ability to retain them.

  • Screening

    We specialize in the areas of screening and qualifying our job applicants. Our screening process starts with an in depth telephone interview, even before a candidate has an opportunity to talk with one of our company representatives in person. Appearance, attitude and communication skills are just a few of the characteristics we observe during the screening process.

  • Interview

    Grandeur New York takes each candidate through a thorough interview process. Past experience, current goals and future expectations are discussed at this time. Besides filling out a job application, candidates must complete the proper federal, state, city and local forms as required by law.

  • Testing

    Going through an interview does not guarantee employment with our company. Each candidate is tested regardless of their past experience. Candidates are thoroughly tested in all areas of the hospitality industry and must meet strict requirements. Before going on an assignment, candidates must pass oral, written and physical examinations.

  • Uniform and equipment Check

    At Grandeur New York we understand that a good appearance can help create a good impression for the entire operation. Before any of our candidates are hired, a strict uniform and equipment examination is conducted. Our meticulous attitude regarding uniform and equipment will insure that you are receiving a well-dressed, well-equipped hospitality industry employee. The first impression from our servers will be certain to make a lasting impression on your guests.

  • Background and Reference Check

    Records obtained from the Social security Administration, criminal courts (federal, state, country and local repositories of criminal records), Department of Motor Vehicles and major credit bureaus are used to conduct thorough background checks and to verify information. All references are verified prior to an offer of employment.

  • Drug and Illegal Substance Screening

    All new employees undergo a urinalysis test for the presence of drugs and other illegal substances. Being under the influence may pose serious safety and health risks to the public. Only new employees that test negative for drugs and illegal substances are hired.

  • Training

    All employees go through a mandatory training process before going out on assignment. Candidates that have experience and pass all of the examinations are still required to go to training seminars. Besides the standard training procedures, one of the captains that are familiar with a clients operation will train our employee to work in your establishment. This will assure that an employee will work efficiently at the client’s establishment. All front of the house hospitality training is conducted in our facilities.

  • Evaluations

    Upon completion of each assignment a Grandeur New York Captain will complete an evaluation from on each employee. This evaluation becomes part of their work record. This employee evaluation process provides us with a better understanding of our clients’ needs.